Step By Step Guide To Smiling

Step By Step Guide To Smiling

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A step by step guide to smiling for those who have temporarily lost their sparkle.

Lets face it, it can happen to any or all of us. Sometimes life can get a little too much, a little too overwhelming, and before you know it that big shiny toothy grin is no more.

Fear not, follow this guide and you too could develop the finest winning smile to enjoy with your closest friends and strangers alike.

A light hearted approach to letting someone know that you care, that you're there for them, and that everything will be ok.

This a2 folded guide has fun yet useful steps on one side, and full of happy smiles on the rear. Go on compare your smile to theirs, see if you have the cheesiest of grins, you know you secretly want to.

Once your smile is back to its old self, why not use this guide to wrap a little something to make someone else smile, a random act of kindness, you could even leave it as a suprise for someone to find.

made from:

printed on 80gsm recycled paper


Aprox 21cm x 14.5 cm folded

A2 when opened