Middle Class Magnetic Shopping List Pad

Middle Class Magnetic Shopping List Pad

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This list is for essentials only, things that appear in your weekly shopping list, which would be tragic if you forgot.

Of course this is clearly a first world middle class set of requirements, so if you are, or someone you know is, the sort of person who feeds their dog risotto left overs topped with quails eggs and pea shoots, then consider yourself served, you are officially middle class.

This tongue in cheek list of food essentials is perfect for the foodie in your life (we all know at least one) or the person in the office with sushi for lunch, amateur masterchefs, or someone who professes to know everything about food. A great cheeky gift to raise a smile, or the perfect stocking filler.

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Brought to you by The Happy Makehouse

made from:

50 sheets of paper with a board back and magnetic strip.


21cm x 10.5cm