Hugs and Squeezes Peel And Reveal Card Set

Hugs and Squeezes Peel And Reveal Card Set

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Everyone needs and hug and a squeeze from time to time.

When you cant be there in person, or want something that lasts longer than a hug, this box of messages make the perfect alternative. Just imagine the look on their face when they receive this box full of special messages.

Each card will be printed on blue stock the words: 'Inside you will find a very special hug and a squeeze from someone who knows what you need'. They simply pull the tab to reveal one of the messages, printed in white on striking lustrous copper card stock. Let's face it, there's times when we all struggle to see the flowers from the weeds, and need a little help to reset our frame of mind. These cards can be displayed in the wooden stand as a reminder, and used again and again when needed.

The messages inside the cards are:

Music On. Throw some shapes, cut loose like no one's watching

Open the window. Let some light in. Breathe

Be honest (apart from about how many biscuits you just ate)

Everything is going to be ok. It might even be magnificent.

It's ok to do whats best for you / be yourself / have bad days

Huggers gotta hug. C'Mere you

Have you tried switching yourself on and off again

Step outside....Your comfort zone / and breathe / hear the birds


made from:

recycled card stock, oak wood


Each card is 8 x 13.5 cm.

Box size is 17 x 12 x 4cm