Gin For Tailspins Glass Decanter

Gin For Tailspins Glass Decanter

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Being a mum is hard work and it's no wonder you spiral down into a tailspin from time to time.

This decanter can help pull you out of your tailspin. A humourous nod to all those multi tasking mums who enjoy a cheeky gin.

This high quality glass decanter has the text 'Gin for Tailspins' printed directly to the glass. The carafe is available in black. Each decanter comes with a wooden stopper.

This decanter can be filled with their gin of choice. You can add a funnel to your order to make decanting a little easier. Please note that we supply it empty.

Please note that the black text will show best on when the decanter is filled with lighter liquids. The wine is not included. You can also purchase a funnel when you place your order to make decanting that little bit easier.


There's nothing worse than something being shiny and new becoming old and tired, so if you would like to keep this bottle looking first class the best way to care for it is to hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Please do not put this in the dishwasher or the microwave.

made from:

Glass decanter, with wooden stopper


19.5 cm x 8cm

500ml capacity