For Ideas which go Bump in the Night Notebook

For Ideas which go Bump in the Night Notebook

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We've all been there, eyes open 3am, brain whirring, can't sleep for the repetitive thoughts of the next big thing!

I once had an idea for a velcro suit for couples who can't bear to be apart at 2am in the morning,

imagine my horror when I had nowhere to note this belter down! By the morning it was gone (until I remembered it, just now)


Who hasn't woken in the night with some mad crazy idea only to find you can't remember it come the morning?

Let that be a thing of the past. This notebook is solely for ideas which go bump in the night.

Pop it on you bedside table or under your pillow. No longer will those ideas be lost in the land of dreams.


This A5 notebook is made from recycled stock and has 24 pages (48 sides) of plain paper just waiting to be filled with ideas.