Dinnertime Drinks Stacking Decanter

Dinnertime Drinks Stacking Decanter

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Classy chefs and cheap dates rejoice, a way to serve a three course meal consisting entirely of booze!

A serving suggestion of white to start, followed by a cheeky rose and all finished off with a deep and fruity red. Obviously, you can pop in your alcohol of choice, just bear in mind the colour of the writing might not show up if you don’t choose the right colour. Each layer consists of a 25cl glass decanter, topped off with a natural cork stopper. The wording is printed directly to the glass.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: There's nothing worse than something being shiny and new becoming old and tired, so if you would like to keep this bottle looking first class the best way to care for it is to hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Please do not put this in the dishwasher or the microwave.

Brought to you by Bread & Jam - Purveyors of happy

You can choose at the checkout which colour print you would like each section in. You can choose between black and white.

You can also opt to add a metal funnel to your order, to ease decanting the tipple of your choice to each section. Please note we do not supply the wine or beverage of choice.

made from:

glass and cork


H 33cm x W 8cm

Each section holds 25cl of liquid.