Clementine Porcelain Mug

Clementine Porcelain Mug

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Meet Clementine, a jolly young filly who's ever ready to greet you with a knowing smile each morning.

Clementine is from high class stock, she's ready to exude sophistication and grace any occasion with aplomb. She likes to keep herself trim, she's lightweight and in good shape.

She is happy to reside alone with any fun loving beverage connoisseur but she prefers to travel with her other half Clemetine. Together they make a fine pair and are quite delightful, both made from porcelain and at times they even glow. They can't take their eyes off each other, they're quite in love!

Clem and Clarence are definitely not for those tea swilling oiks who require a bucket of tea to get going in the morning! Equally, they're not ones for residing in the back of a dingy cupboard, they prefer to be out on display, bringing joy to all and sundry.

Clarence and Clementine are happy to be washed with care, although they're none too happy if you try to scrub them with a hard loofah! They can be placed in the dishwasher too, just in case you need to go to the opera or something.

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8oz - 82mm tall by 72mm Diameter