Don't Look Back In Anger, It's All Smiles!

Whilst looking through our instagram feed yesterday I got a little nostalgic. At the end of this month Bread & Jam will be 5  (F.I.V.E!!) years old. And whilst that makes us still pretty young as a business and still finding our feet in a lot of areas, it amazes us how far we have come. It's easy to look back at your early work and cringe but actually, for us, it's all part of the journey. 

It all began with a set of hand printed notecards specifically designed to make people smile or feel good about their day (which we still sell in an updated form). Who knew notecards could be the start of something that allowed us say goodbye to our previous jobs, and be the start of us working together full time. Now, of course, we've had to move away from hand printing a lot of our work, simply because the volumes of orders are so high. We feel a little like we need to claw back some of this initial methodology and we're currently working on some products which require a hands on approach, watch this space.

So here's a few milestone shots from our Bread & Jam journey so far. It's been a rollercoaster!

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