Monday Reserve Stacking Decanter

Monday Reserve Stacking Decanter

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We all know how Monday's work by now, all of the world's problems happen on a Monday!

Struggle no further, the solution is to keep a balance between Monday problems versus the rest of the week.

This stacking decanter comes in two halves, Monday and the rest of the week and each layer has a natural cork closure, just in case you can't make the finish line!

Obviously, you can fill with the alcohol of your choice, just bear in mind the colour of the writing might not show up as well with lighter coloured alcohol.

Each layer consists of a 25cl glass decanter, topped off with a natural cork stopper. The wording is printed directly to the glass.

You can also opt to add a metal funnel to your order, to ease decanting the tipple of your choice to each section, ensuring you don't spill a drop.

Please note we do not supply the wine, or beverage of choice.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: There's nothing worse than something being shiny and new becoming old and tired, so if you would like to keep this bottle looking first class the best way to care for it is to hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Please do not put this in the dishwasher or the microwave.

You are also able to purchase a personalised leather neck cuff and a metal funnel.

Brought to you by The Happy Makehouse

made from:

glass and cork


H 33cm x W 8cm

Each section holds 25cl of liquid.