Little Jar of Wishing Stars

Little Jar of Wishing Stars

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When you're feeling down on your luck and need a pick me up, dip into this jar of wishing stars.

This cute little jar of red wishing stars, is the perfect antidote to a rough day. Each wish has been carefully penned to ensure it gives you a either a motivational boost, heart warming hug, or simply something that will make you smile.

Each paper origami star has been made by hand and you simply need to pull the tag for the wish to be revealed.

The jar is printed with the words ' A little jar of wishing stars'.

If you want the wishes to remain secret then look away now!! Otherwise read on to find out what they are:

Wishing for your dream to come true, apart from the one where you were naked

Wishing you bucket loads of tea/wine/gin/coffee/cocktails* *delete as appropriate

Wishing you a life full of adventure and excitement, until your heart can't take any more

Wishing you a pocket full of four leafed clovers but not a white bunny's foot, that's not cool

Wishing you find the end of the rainbow and dodging the rain along the way

Wishing you ear to ear smiles and a belly full of giggles

Wishing you good hair days and no wardrobe malfunctions

Wishing that thing, which is always just out of reach, comes a little closer

Wishing you lashings of naughty food, consumed with a clear conscience

Wishing you a lifetime of warm cuddles from people who matter

Brought to you by The Happy Makehouse


made from:
Glass, cork, and paper.

The jar is aprox 7.5cm high by 5cm wide.

Each star is aprox 1.5 cm wide - please be mindful that each star is made by hand and therefore no two stars will be exactly the same.