Let's Put the World to Rights Decanter

Let's Put the World to Rights Decanter

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There's nothing better than good friends spending the evening putting the world to rights over a tipple or two.

Fill this decanter with your drink of choice and head on over to your friend's place for an evening of chatter, laughter and putting the world to rights.

The glass decanter hold 500ml and we print in black ink directly onto the glass. We supply the decanters with a wooden stopper. You can also purchase a small metal funnel to make decanting the tipple of choice into the decanter. Please note we do not supply the drink.


There's nothing worse than something being shiny and new becoming old and tired, so if you would like to keep this bottle looking first class the best way to care for it is to hand wash gently in warm (not hot) water. Please do not put this in the dishwasher or the microwave.

made from:

glass decanter, with wooden stopper


19.5 cm x 8cm