This Is Us

Well we have ourselves a little blog, tres exciting! 

We thought it might be interesting for people to follow our story, experience our disasters as well as our victories and perhaps share a little of what we find interesting. 

First up, a little intro for those who don't already know us. We are Bread & Jam and we make cheerful things, full of colour and (at times) humour to buy for your home or to give as gifts for friends and loved ones. We are a married (16 years and counting) couple who live and work in the wilds of the Cumbrian fells, high up in the North Pennines. 

We have two wonderful girls who are the centre of our world. I would say we're home birds who love to travel (if you can have such a thing). We love to bake, craft (all sorts of things) for our home and to give as presents, tend to our burgeoning veg plot. We seek out all things which make the four of us happy and I would say we're a glass half full kind of family on the whole (see what I did there?).

We'll be sharing more of family life over time but for now this is us:

Catherine with cake.... obvs!

Jamie (that's me) and his collection of hats!

the sunshine of our life, our girls, Ella (middle) & Grace (left)

Beach life

A favourite spot in the garden.

Walk in the woods.